Combine Harvesters

TC5.90 TIER 3

Show machines, as new: 98.000€ excl. VAT

Combine standard equipment
Engine compressor kit FF
Additional fuel filter + water separator
Hose & air gun
Engine emissionised
No add. mirrows
Air condition with heating
Platform extension 70mm FI
Operators cab
Windscreen washer kit FF
Mech. suspension operator seat
Manual mirrors
Less radio
No AC filter dryer + OP valve
No stubble or rear working light
Traction Hydro
Traction axle with differential lock
TW650/75R32-172A8-AC 8300529
Adjustable steering axle
SW400/70R20 14PR TR-01 (-95)
3rd. lifting assist ram header
Hydraulic valves + auto float
No add filter hydraulic oil
Add equipment red nafta
Fire extinguisher on cab ladder FI
No slow driving triangle
No proximity mirror
Rotating trailer hitch FF
No service tool box
Eng operator manual
Spare part book
Feeder w/lateral float
No rice kit strawelevator
HD 2HC drive double PTO
Stand. drum small grain
Rotary separator
Vertical walker covers FI
Fs + elec adjusted fan speed
No extended dividers
Fan bottom shield FF
Remote sieve adjustment
Fixed shoe sieve HC 1 5/8 FI
Standard elevators
Graintank and covers
Unloading auger 3.85M
No chaff blower/spreader
Low RPM kit for stawchopper FI
Straw chopper man+bloc alarm
No grain/rice rebuild kit O
No grass seed equiment
No wheel blocks
No rear-view camera or monitor


6,10M/20FT Hyd reel HCAP
511161001-6.10M/20FT HCAP
High capacity
20 Feet
Header quick coupler
Spare part book
Fixed short divider
Feeder plate