Strictly agricultural machines – Kivi Parts is specialized in sourcing in any kind of agricultural spare parts you might need but predominantly offers parts for US made Agricultural Machines.

We are glad to be able to offer complete range of our US American partner company Worthington Tractor Parts, Inc. a

A good portion of the parts offered by Parts Express, the Export Division of Worthington AG Parts, is stored in our bonded warehouse in Warstein. Parts which are not available here in Europe can be brought here by container, consolidated sea or airfreight shipments or express airfreight with ease.

The quality of the parts distributed by our company fulfills the highest standards of the industry. The biggest share of the spare parts is produced by the most experienced and well equipped production plants in the AG sphere.

Any kind of lubricant, from transmission to engine oil can be offered.

We are ready to quote your inquiry for any parts your company needs!